Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the (female) Joes are coming west

In just over a week two of my college roommates will be out to visit.  This is a picture of us about thirty years ago dressed up in our formal wear we got from Goodwill. I am on the left,Donna and Lyn on right.  I have known Lyn since the summer going into ninth grade.  She went to the small town college I did the year after I got there and we hung out together with Donna, Vicki, Mark and Tim. There were others but we were the main group. We were the Joe's cause we thought Sororities and Fraternities were just another extension of high school cliques we didn't want to be a part of either.  No offense but the whole rush process was just ridiculous in our eyes.  So we started our own group and did what we wanted, when we wanted and everyone seemed to either respect us or was scared of us.  I remember we brought a boom box with Jimmy Buffet and played "Why don't we get drunk and screw" at one of those rush parties.  I think we got booted I can't remember but more on this later.

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