Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am back...

Well I got some 'splaning to do.

I took down the blog for awhile today.

I got thinking and I made a few edits.

It's hard to want to reinvent yourself when you like yourself except for a few *key things. I got thinking and my life is in a physical mess so I probably won't spend as much time blogging this summer but I really do enjoy it so I am not going to quit all together. This is assuming that people actually read this blog. And a bigger assumption that people actually enjoy reading this blog.

Anyway I know, lots of double speak psycho babble. I am okay. Just thinking.

I have been working like a dog in the garden. I've always wondered about that "working like a dog" phrase because I have never, ever seen my dog work or any other dog work. Maybe a 'working' dog, sniffing around for drugs or bombs or whatever they need to find. But I didn't think was very hard work, more like enjoyable hobby because dogs like to sniff a lot anyway.  I guess work should be enjoyable.

Here's some garden scenes. I'll label these the before shots.

 I am working on it.

 New area,

 My poinsettias are back outside.

 Tomatoes under nylon hail netting.

Homemade pizza.

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