Friday, June 3, 2011

I cried at Safeway


Before you read this, and get all judgmental, I had a very bad day Thursday day. That, combined with the fact I am generally sensitive and I can be well, an emotional wimp at times.

It really started yesterday with the typical work day as a no-count at the AFA.

After work I went to my local Safeway.

At the deli counter I saw an ad posted for my favorite salsa, fresh packed, $1.99 with a coupon. Nearly half off. I asked the deli girl where this coupon could be acquired and she said on a flyer by the door.

On the way to check-out I stopped to get previously mentioned ad. Guess what? A rude customer service lady informed me, "That was in a Sunday-Monday flyer we do not have anymore, so we do not have those coupons."

You'd think the money was coming out of her pocket.

I left the flyer I had in hand at the counter and I left in a huff. I didn't huff, I just turned and walked off.

I was at the self-checkout when I heard the customer service lady and the bag-boy making fun at me for leaving the flyer at the desk and being mad. They may not of even been making fun of me?, but they were using the situation as an jumping point about talking about other customers. Anyway, I should point out here it is in bad form to be talking about any customers when a customer is in ear shot, because I obviously thought they were talking about me. He was going on about when people are really mad they blah blah blah, finally, I turned and said, "Do you have any idea how much money I spend here?" A manager who was walking by at the same time asked me if everything was okay. I told him what happened and he apologized. He took the salsa and a few other things off my tab and said he was really sorry that I felt so bad and please don't leave feeling bad."

I said. "Please don't make me cry." and I started to cry. Not blubbering breakdown and cry, more just lower the sunglasses and no one knows, feeling pathetic cry.

He said, " I just don't want you to leave here feeling so bad."

I said, "Don't worry, it's my whole fucking life, not just Safeway. I just seem to get treated like shit."

He said, " I know how you feel, I get treated like that too sometimes, especially in this position. But you gotta keep going."

He was probably thinking, "Great, another Loonie Tunes, 'psychiatrist at the self-check out please'"

Anyhow, don't you start to cry in public, it's embarrassing and now I can't go back to Safeway, at least not for awhile. And remember be kind to people. You never know when someones having a bad day. Toodles. CSL


  1. I'm sorry you had such a bad day! Sounds like that manager was very kind -- good karma.

    Chin up, C. ((hugs))

  2. Bev, Thanks for your support. Sometimes all you can do is keep on keeping on. C.

  3. I'm sorry, too. Kudos to the manager!

  4. Thanks Joe. Your a good friend.

  5. Awe..Carol I feel your pain. My Mom suggested this blog after I had a similar freak out. Some people can be such assholes! Thanks for sharing. It made me want to be extra nice to our shoppers today and your other posts had me entertained and chuckling for a good hour.
    Thanks - Ashley Perran


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