Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Inner Child is one mean Son of a Bitch

My Outer Child, however nice, is a facade. 

Actually that was a bumper sticker a friend saw the other day. And you know I am nice through and through.

Funny story about the word facade. I once pronounced if faH-kade, (long a's hard c) while talking to this guy, trying to impress. We laughed so hard we nearly peed. So much for my french.

Speaking of french, we had the Thursday group over and the Perran's bought a very nice girl visiting from France who is visiting for a month or so. Her name is Morgan, pronounced 
Mor-ghan. Anyway, I'll try not to speak my SOB-inner child french to her but all bets are off when I start drinking. Which I might add is not very often, thank you for asking.

Some of the Thursday gang. The bar out back is now open.

I was considering skiing Friday but was just to tired when the 5 am alarm clock went off. So I slept until 10:00 am until I heard laughing from my darling but brusque children. One of the three deer in our lawn had a jaw problem they thought was hilarious. But only in a very concerned way.

Poor baby.

Mags cut her hair for locks of love. She wanted to do it before school was over with her National Jr. Honor Society, but they ran out of time to organize it. Could have saved me the $100 bucks or so I spent on her hair for graduation. It's all good, what's money anyway unless your broke. Like me.
Great Clips cuts all 'locks of love' donations for free. Which was within my budget.

I did lots of work on the farm this weekend. 

The clementis are in full bloom.


Greg's father Day breakfast on the patio. BLT's. I know I rock as a wife.

Thinking of my Dad who was admitted to the hospital on Father's Day with dehydration. He is doing much better and is walking and talking very well. I am making plans to visit him in August with the kids so hang on Daddy-O. Hang on.

Hope all is well with you and yours. CSL


  1. I saw that deer, too...poor thing. I thought he might've been eating something. The clementis are gorgeous!

  2. Joe,
    I wonder whats up with that deer. It seemed to be eating okay.


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