Friday, June 3, 2011

Dried my tears and thickened my skin

Boy my perspective can get whacked. I know I should delete that last post but I'll keep it there for the sake of humility. I rather be humbled from time to time than a dickweed of fathomable arrogance and confidence.

Anyway, I am luckier, funnier and more talented than most; and the wealth from my friendships and family make me a rich person. So there. Can't buy that with a coupon.

So a few very monumental things have occurred in the past week. My daughter had her eighth grade graduation. The school moved it into the gym because the were weary of the rainy weather we were having. They did the best they could in short notice. They were short about fifty or so seats. Some of the crowd looked pretty rough. I was joking that the parents from my son's academic awards ceremony looked like they came straight from mowing the lawn. Some of these folks at the graduation looked like they came straight from a gang fight. Anyway, she looked wonderful and was honored for her perfect GPA and I couldn't be prouder.

We had our yearly camping trip for Memorial Day weekend. It was fun but so windy it ruined a couple campfire evenings.

The Saturday potluck was a delicious success.

The kids.

The dog.

This is so sad. What are we becoming? This guy was in the water in San Francisco for about an hour and no one attempted to talk him in or save him. What if it was your dad, son, brother?

It seems like John Edward's is getting his just deserts. The guy he was hoping would take the fall for the paternity of his love child, Andrew Young, is coming clean and telling all. What a liar Edwards ended up being. At least he got rid of that mole on his lip.

Talking about desserts, remember I told you about winning the lunch for two to Nosh. Well KJ and I went there today and it was fabulous. Wine and dessert were included. Well worth finding the golden stool at the dog park.
Hope you find your golden stool or mole or love child or whatever you are looking for. CSL

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