Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My bad

....sorry about my hiatus.  Yeah I got busy, then the internet was down for a few days and now it's now and I am ready to post.

   I had a stressful week last week at the Academy.  Jeez, on Thursday deadline they were making changes like nobody's bidz'niz.  I was ready to have a heart attack but everything went A-Ok in hind-sight.

G2 left Thursday for the men's annual camp-out in the mts. so I fended for myself for fun.

I did some garden photography.

This is an update:  my bouganvilla is showing

Just a bit but a couple clusters of leaves are turning, next photo, full show.

     Friday was Ms. Cyndi with an "i"'s big 49th birthday.  She finally caught up with me.  Anyway we all went over to their house already to play poker and revel. We had a drink or two, ate lasagna, she opened her gifts and then she got sicker than a dog.  A few of them had drank those 5-hour energy shots and it did not agree with her.  She was down for the count.  So we did what any good friends would do we went down to the bar and had several more drinks.  I took it easy because I had to drive 500 yards home.

Before dinner

The gifts....

The beautiful cupcakes....

     We decided to have a re-do on Saturday night.  Noel had to work so it was without Noel.  We didn't play poker we played rummoli.  It's a Canadian board/card game. It was quite fun.  After we were breaking up the game John announced we had stayed up past 1 am which is quite the feat for us oldsters.

      Both mornings I paid Bubs $10 to walk the dog so I could sleep in.  I know I am shameless.  Hey there's a price for everything and it was worth sleeping in.

     Monday I worked for the photo dept. and really didn't have a whole lot to work with.  This rock did slam into this car of tourists from MO. heading up to Pikes Peak.  They were quite jarred as you would imagine.

     Jack's testicals are shriveling up.  He never took one day off from being a puppy to be lethargic and recover. properly.  Noooooooooooooooooo, he was running and jumping from day one.  He was lucky not to pop the stitches.
      Today I called home when leaving the AFA  and G2 said he ate a jar of glue and some paper.  I then heard him say very meanly, "JACK, your a VERY bad dog"  I had to hang up cause I couldn't stop laughing.  He is soooooo Marley.

Well, back to work designing pages.  Wish me luck, I'll let you know how it goes...XXOO C.

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