Tuesday, July 13, 2010

birthdays,bowling and brogue

yes, I had a fun filled-weekend, thanks to my family and friends.  That took my mind off my mind and that really helps.

First off it was Neil and Shelly's birthday Sat and Sun.  We had an impromptu party for them, impromptu in that Greg forgot to tell  me about it, I thought it was just the Survivor crew, so surprise for me too.  I was very happy it all went down anyway, we had a good time.

Some of our esteemed guests

Tamara and John

This is a familiar frame, ate ribs and fixings.

The birthday couple

We are all so happy Sharon has moved to the neighborhood.

Sarah and Cory

Then we all woke up and did whatever until bowling at 1 pm Sunday.  I wiped up dog shit in the basement and nursed a meager hang-over. Boogedy Bob's idea, bowling not the hangover.

Char, Sarah and Greg all had the same single-pin spare on consecutive bowling lanes.

And they bowled.......

.........and all but Greg got the spare. Good thing Shelly was there to console him.


Twinkle toes Bob





Me, I am wearing sunglasses for good luck, didn't work



Varsity events always include alcohol

Cyn showed off her Kentucky T.

Later Sunday Sharon and her family came to dinner at Chez Guinta

Sharon's mom, Margaret, Sharon and sister Jeanne

Nina and Cousin Sydney

Greg putting out the food. Salmon, corn and such.

Kids and Jack, it was very casual.

Sharon and the kids, she was singing "I love little baby ducks"

So there you have it,  a very social weekend, in town.  I'll go on about Taylor Park next post promise.


  1. It's so great to get to see your pictures!

  2. thanks Joe, hope all's well C,


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