Friday, July 16, 2010

Could use a little relief

from this flipping heat wave.  Had a swell Thursday get-together with the crew.  G2 made some awesome grub.  Hate that word grub, it reminds me of  a grub, so I'll replace grub with food, boring, but not a wormy like creature of ugly.

This is a new appetizer, grilled tomatoes filled with mozzarella and topped with basil.

This is grilled chicken and pineapple.  Yum.

Bubs ate in the hanging chair.

The house was so hot we ate outside.

Noel constructed his blueberry/raspberry shortcake.

And Mags decorated hers too.

Noel and Denise brought me a case of a variety of red wines from Trader Joes's so I'll be here drinking wine with the lights off at night.  Not really but I could if I wanted to.

Ok, a couple weekends ago I escaped to the mts. for a much needed time out from the city and the memories of this job change that has been shoved down my throat.
I had such a great time.  Sat. evening we sang by the fire and a friends brother showed up and he knew all the old Jerry Jeff Walker  and Dave Bromberg tunes I used to know, I was in my glory,  He was a good guitarist as well,  I have no fire-side photos but here's my favorites from the trip.

purty rainbow

Mag's dirty feet.

Jack in lupine

Cottonwood Pass

 There you go.  Have a weekend to remember, only in a good way.  C.

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  1. Love the rainbow picture! and the one of Maggie's feet!


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