Thursday, July 29, 2010

bah bah bah bah ba....

Barbara Ann, You thought it was going to be black sheep, didn't you.

Good thing I can't blog at my job at the AFA.  I was fit to be tied about 1 pm.  Everything ended up to be ok, but if I woulda started crying then I may not have ever stopped.  Things might get better but right now I am pretty forlorn.  Weaker people may have already popped a gasket by now.  The truth of the matter is I need the job right now and I am a photographer working as a page designer.  I will quit whining and just say this:

My friend Joe reposted my sunflower photo on his facebook page and sold two 8 x 10s for me.  I am putting in an order for those and I am getting some extras printed.  If you want one I am selling them for $25/ each for a photo paper print (not computer paper).  Quite cheap as I may be famous one day,-- ha.  Let me know the image is below.  It goes to a good cause like,  eating, or my kids school supplies.  Can you imagine our parents buying plastic bags, hand sanitizer, or kleenex for school supplies?  I think they bought me a few notebooks, pens, and maybe a pencil.  I will spend easy $100 a kid. Anyhow it won't go to waste,......

there you go, XXOO C.

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