Monday, July 19, 2010

weekend update and Monday''s photos

Boy has it been hot around here the last few days.  I am talking over ninety with a bit of humidity.

I met this dad and son's down in Manitou playing in Fountain Creek.  The dad said he'd just returned from living in Baltimore for ten years and he didn't care how hot it was in Colorado, it's much, much better here.

I hiked in a few hunderd yards to Rainbow Falls and caught some people cooling off in the waterfalls.

Afterwards this guy crawled up underneath the bridge and probably did some meth for all I know.  He reminded me of Gollum in his slinky way. 

These good-for-nothing teens were tagging rocks up there.  I am sorry but there's no reason for this.  They weren't even artistic, taggers just junking up the joint.  Stupid kids.

The Cheyenne Mountain Resort is going though renovations including this patio set up.  Nice.  They need a landscape designer like me though, just saying.  Their herb garden needs work.

This weekend was pretty mellow.  Bob and KJ came over for dinner Sat. and we had a good night.  I know KJ will hate this photo of her cause she's talking and it looks like she's trying to squeeze out a fart.

Mags was our photographer.

I put this one in for KJ.

We had lobster and it was excellent.

Anyway I took Jack in to be neutered this morning and I am feeling so guilty.  I am going to go fetch him right now so I'll let yo know how it goes.


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