Tuesday, March 15, 2011


what's happening in Japan. Hope they get it all figured out. They are people of very high character that's for sure. They had orderly evacuations and no looting. We have too many hoodlums in this country for that.

I hate feeling so helpless.  If you text the word REDCROSS to 90999, a $10 donation will be added to your next bill and you'll hardly notice because if your bill is anything like mine it's already $180 so what's ten more?

I am sure the truth about the shape of their nuclear power plants lies somewhere in the middle of the fear-driven apocalyptic and the "keep going nothing to look at over here, we're all safe"-types.

 Somedays I wonder if everything is lining-up for the end. It's hard not too when all the man-made and natural disasters are getting pretty regular and worsening. Anyway sorry about that. I'll try to stay positive for the universe.

Shot for the paper again. Yeah it 'twas Monday yesterday.

 This high school pitcher pitched a no-hitter.

This was a house fire in Manitou. Total loss. There were homeless-like people on the scene talking that the lady who lived there set it. I think a friend's brother lived there. Shame. Didn't have much and what they did have is burned-up.

Baby group at the public library. So cute.

My son's robotic group.  He's in the black shirt in the back.  He wrote all the software that tells the robot what to do when they control it. He's very smart but I am worried because all the robotics has gotten him behind in other classes and now he's been sick and he's overwhelmed to catch-up. One day at a time.

The big robot deploys this little one. The little robot has to climb a metal pole. Bubs did the programming for that too.

These two are just snaps out the car window.

So we finally watched Survivor Friday at our house. (I'll admit I watched it with Denise Thursday after everyone else left. I managed to drink a bottle of wine, yes a regular bottle, not a 175ml.  It was Ron's birthday, so there's my rationalization. Plus for medicinal purposes only. I did feel a little rough Fri. in the AM. However, I did make a full recovery within minutes.

On to Fri., that was a fun evening. Russell lost the Redemption Island Challenge and cried like a MF baby.  Ha ha. After the show, we continued to party like rock stars. Ok, more like old orchestra patrons. Very nice ones I might add.

 Sharon returned from helping her mother in Kentucky. She'll be moving back for awhile. It was great to see her smiling face.

The gurlz, Cyn, Sharon, Tamra

 Whose the old guy with Charlotte? Sorry Ron, bad joke, must be the hat and the recent birthday.

 Spot and Chip.

Noel had a chip on his shoulder.

We had so much fun we did it again over at Ron and Charlotte's Sat. We watched SEC basketball regional game and even though Louisville lost it was fun. I didn't take any photos but it pretty much looked the same.

We also went to a camper/RV show Sat. I should have taken photos there. They were like houses on wheels.  A few of them had more square footage than our house. And a back porch too.

Well back at the AFA grind. Hope it's a smooth week for you and for me too.


  1. It's like I am there...without actually being there! I love reading the blog!

  2. Love the picture of the cloud in the window.
    Go Bryce go!


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