Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow

way up high...I've heard that song over and over the last few days. I really don't mind it. (ask me in a few weeks if I am tired of it). G2 bought Mags a Yamaha keyboard and she's got right after it in Maggie-style. She already is a very good beginner.

It's been so long that I can't remember all that I was going to talk about so I'll get to the important stuff.

 St. Pat's Day was fun and it fell on a Survivor Thursday. So because we never miss a chance to celebrate, we had a great time.

 Watching Survivor and eating, two of our favorite pastimes.

 Don't believe him, he's not Irish, just wants the kiss.
Really what it is, is that he will be humiliated for food. Sorry, I won't do it again.

John sang and played a wee bit o' the Irish music.
G2 cooked some great corned beef and cabbage. Yum.

Survivor is just frustrating, the team with Boston Rob just follows him around like puppies. They do whatever he says. The blonde side-kick of Russel was voted off to Redemption Island.

Friday we watched Godsford Park at Joe and Sharon's and although it was a complicated ensemble cast movie, I enjoyed it. It was Robert Altman's last movie he directed before he died. A real who-done-it, set in the English country-side in the forties maybe. So watch it, but just not when you're really tired. We had some excellent pizza and some brew beer and you couldn't beat the company!

Saturday I went snowmobiling with G2 and the guys up on Cottonwood Pass to Napoleon Pass and back through Tin Cup. It was weird weather in that it was warm, 40 degrees or so, but very overcast. The snow was warm and lent itself to sinking and if I didn't motor on through, it was a bit of work to stay buoyant. Next time I pray for warm weather I must pinpoint the temperature better. It was too warm. Got some outdoors with some old pals and that's always fun.

Neil on the radio

 Trouble in paradise for Dean.

Neil and Greg trying to free Neil's sled. Neil was trying to lay me a track.

"I'm willing to share my Busch." Yeah, I said that about two years ago ATVing. 
They'll never let me forget it.

Chuck, the Preacher and I took a break.

Jack got so dirty at the dog park this week I had to bathe him twice. I am going to walk him in the park more often. I think I get more exercise that way.

This is literally a five minute walk from my house, I am so lucky. But I am so old looking. Where's my youth, oh yeah, gone. Fifty is not nifty...  it rhymes with nifty. Gotta find the fountain of youth. Like Ponce de Leon. Ponce, Jack, nifty and I. I guess he never found it. I won't either, I suspect.

Jack loves the dog park with all his buddies and dog wrestling possibilities.

Things are looking up for Japan. I don't know what I am more sick of: Charlie Sheen, Libya or the non-stop speculation about the nuclear plant's status in Japan. Jeez they even had reporters in Chernobyl on the Today Show. I get the correlation, but is that necessary NBC? I don't think so. The wasted gas and money on that kinda sensationalism astounds me. Scaring the public. But it won't stop. Corporate competitive media. Remember there's kids somewhere in the US hungry and living in squalor. How do we get them the cash that was spent on that useless trip. How do we get the jet fuel back, we don't. I know they have to report on it. I guess I should shut off the damn glowing box anyway.

Well that's all I got for you. Be good and good at it. Carol


  1. Great pic of you and Jack at Red Rock Open Space.

  2. Thanks Joe and thanks for reading. Carol

  3. I just love your blog. Why are we so quick to give to other countries, the Tsunami's, Haiti, etc when we have starving, children and horror in our own country? Food for thought.....
    We need to spend some money on our own poor, homeless, hungry, and mentally ill.


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