Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walk this way.

No this way, over here.

I got so much to write about because I've been so busy. Then there was the 72- hour neighborhood social marathon. So I'll get right to it.

Remember that I am a photographer for the paper? Once a week. I forget too. These are some features I shot Monday.

Dragonmans's paintball course. I want to try this. Eastern El Paso County. Dragonman gave me a tour of his vast museum. Wow. WWII, Elvis, hot rods, he collects it all.

Remember Pat Boone? Record sales only second to Elvis in the '50's and 10th overall. He's selling steaks for charity now.

It's Spring here somedays, remember that March showers bring April snowstorms then flowers sometime  late May to June.

This dude was waling home from college. 

Mag's played in a Spring concert. She is so excellent.

Then over to Denise's for Ron's Survivor birthday party.

Suz, John and Char

The gang minus a few who wouldn't get in the photo, ie, G2, Mags and Sharon

Ron and his ice cream cake.

Jeff Probst sent a gift.

Sisters and my studious girl.  Ron got so many gifts that we didn't watch Survivor until Friday night.

West-side Colorado Springs Gothic

There's some similarities. Like there's a man and a women with a tool in both. And they are not smiling. My apologies to Grant Wood.

In case your worried about Jack, no need he's doing great.

My funny of the night.

Okay that takes it up to Friday which I will continue hopefully tomorrow, Monday March 14, where does the time go? C.


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