Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where do I begin...?

not that anything tremendously arduous has taken place to tell you about, it's more I haven't been paying attention again. Note: When I got in bed last night I just had to laugh at this post. So I am here editing it and I notice even the title was whacked: Where to I begin? I don't know where to?

Fancy door mats that anyone of us would love to have: (Thanks to Tim for sending them my way)

A few days ago I was going to write a funny about Charlie Sheen. Now I no longer want to even hear his name. Why's everyone picking on Charlie?  Ha ha. Everyone is now diagnosing him. Is he insane? No more than any other of those Hollywood twits that have helped to generate the very person he is. What's more insane Charlie high on "Charlie", or those narcissists that spend and live on millions and have their heads so far up their asses they can't even raise their own kids. What's wrong you ask?
This old hag hosting The Insider really made me mad in her uppity way dishing out the shit on Charile for everyone to take in. I wanted her to take a look in the mirror. "Someone bring me my wine." People love a train wreck.

I am working up at the AFA with a new editor at the paper.  So far so good, he seems easy to work with.

Tomorrow is my Friday and the night we gather to watch Survivor. Tune in and I'll give you my opinion. Promise. I also have these cell phone photos of last weekend that I am sure put me in a good light, so I post them too. We sure had a raucous Sat. night with Cyn's Kentucky (now Flordia) friends.

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