Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spiritual Chicken Dance

On Friday 11-11-11, I turned 51, that would be 40 + 11 for my 'golden birthday'. I have always had a 'thing' about numbers, not sure if I'd call it numerology or not. I'd say not.  I really don't look-up what my 'sun number ' is, or other terms people involved with that do. I just know I have a lot of double and triple numbers involved in my life and I feel very lucky.

It was important to celebrate the day. John and Cyn provided their lovely home for a venue. KJ and Greg did a lot of cooking. Janie and Pam made cakes. Many others pitched-in, I am very grateful for this group of friends in Colorado.

A few hours into the party, after the food and cake, some guests left. They had to get up early to work and such. Then I was told to come on downstairs. Everybody was told to come downstairs. John got on a microphone. " Everyone gather around Carol," they were told. "Put your hands to her and then to the sky and reach for the stars." Everyone did.  "Everyone reach for the stars and pick out the best stars for Carol and yourselves."

It then occurred to me, "Shit, I hope this is not an intervention."

Then John said, " put your hands under your arms and create angel wings that will guide you through your journey to the stars that will be your daily destination to be the very best, and then shake your butt, or your tail, to shake off the bad days you don't need. So, reach for the stars, create your angel wings and shake off the bad... "

Then he turned on the sound to his computer speakers and it was the chicken dance.  It was the most spiritual chicken dance I have ever witnessed. After  we all participated, the music went on to 'Rock Lobster' and then 'Love Shack' and then the 'Rocky theme' song.

It was a lovely party. Here are some snaps some from my camera, and many from Pam's camera. Thank you everyone for joining the fun and don't forget to reach for the stars ...

KJ and Cyn

 The cakes... Janie thought it was my 50th, thanks for the extra year! The cake on the right was written on by the bread guy at the store. The bakery gal was out.  Jesus, lucky we could read the thing, he didn't even fit birthday on one line.

 Bob carried the cake. 51 candles,
 highly flammable.

 The whole room felt the heat.

Luckily the smoke alarm did not go off. The fire department was not called.
 The Jones'
 I look similar. And I am delusional.

 Loving husband, G2

 Todd and Barb
 Dave and Sue
 Not a day over 51. I would love one of those Lifetime face lifts if I am on your gift list.

 Janie is the spark in any room.

 Like I said, any room. The only cockroach of the night.

 Dancing after the intervention chicken dance.

 Cyn plays with the Band.
 Cyn and OT
 So nice to see Shelly and Neil.
 Don't let those innocent eyes fool you. Denise or "Little D".  Noel's work replacement failed to show-up.
 One of the 11-11-11 posters by John.

 John and Sharon

 Folks at the bar.
The final 5.

The Broncos and Bears won their games today. The Bears won handily. The Bills lost handily. What a weekend. Next stop, LasVegas, Baby. I'll make your Super Bowl bets for you, better go with the Bears.

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Carol! Love your blog and love you! <3


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