Tuesday, November 15, 2011


... about me. Let's focus on some laughs.

 Now that's a bridesmaid photo.

HA Ha ha

 Never had turducken before. But I didn't know sex was involved.

 I wonder if they thought through this title, or were they going for the inside joke?

 They really do look this stupid. There's a little man inside every saggy jean.

 We all have our limits.

 Even dogs.

 I've never gotten this error message. Where does it dispense?

 Never trust a two-faced man.

 I am sure it's kosher.
 I know the feeling. Watched my ship sail in, watched it sail away.

Shit head.  I am hoping this was a bad bet.

 Some people have it firmly planted.

 He was probably a Wall Street trader just weeks ago. Before OWS. The greed factor got to him.

 Awh, a yellow lab banana dog. Grilled-cheese Jesus move aside.
 Step aside for dog-butt Jesus, that is.

 This really is not a funny just in case you were thinking you didn't get the joke. I think it is possible for people to do good, just to do good as a human. Secular Humanism. 
Anyway if I've insulted you with any of these jokes, why, thank you very much. And quit being so sensitive. c.


  1. Some really funny ones, which I will be sharing on FB. Thanks.

  2. Cool, share away. That's what its all about.


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