Friday, November 11, 2011


It's here. The day when the elevens line up. I guess if it was 11-11-1111, that's be cooler, however I would probably be suffering from the plague or some other middle earthen catastrophic disease, if I was in fact born, which I would not be, since I was born in 1960. What I am saying is that 11-11-11 is pretty  cool.

Last night the Survivor crew got together and we had ourselves a great dinner thanks to my wonderful husband who sure can cook. They also threw me a little party. They also reminded me this blog would not be possible without them. I think the quote was "Your blog would be nothing without us." I would have to agree.

I slept in with a mild red wine hangover and woke to find out where to hell was Matt Lauer. I think the segment is 'Where in the world is Matt Lauer'. Anyway I like 'where to hell' better. He was in Barbados. I could feel the sand and the sun of the beach. Soon. Not too soon, like maybe next year. That lucky dog, Matt Lauer.

I got up and ate a box of Dots. Like a whole movie-box. I know, maybe Matt Lauer is not the only lucky one. Then I had a piece of birthday cake and a few leftover ribs. I am telling you this so you don't hate me for being perfect.

Yesterday, I had to go to motor vehicles to get my license renewed. For the love of Pete, could they possibly move any slower? Two elderly ladies were ahead of me. I am talking 70-80 year old plus, with wheel-chairs and cerebral palsy canes. I was thinking maybe their driving days should be over. I wanted to go grab those wheel chairs and help them along. "Okay now we go over here for the photo."... I am bad. Just wait until I am that age.

Tonight is my 11-11-11 party. Cyn keeps reminding me she has the Beam and some Jagermeister as well. I gave up Jager and all other serious shots along time ago. Last time I did 'Butter Babies' to excess, John and Noel walked me home and Noel fell and we laughed and laughed and solved some world problems over a beer we did not need. Good thing Travis sent me the Motrin and band-aides. I just might need them.
Be good or good at it, Carol

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