Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The most interesting Mexican

    Ever watch The Biggest Loser? I have watched a few seasons. This season I have a tough time making it through the taped show. For the love of Pete, these people have been given a chance of a lifetime and they are the biggest whiners. They switched trainers and there's grown men on the show crying because they can't be with their old trainer, really? I am so irritated. Can you imagine not wanted to train with tennis great Anna Kournikova? Just had to get this off my chest. I am finally dead-bored with TV, I knew it was just a matter of time. I am sure a lot of the drama is produced by the producers for more controversy and ratings. For shame. Reality TV is a sham, but you knew that.
    Saturday I went to Prairie Home Companion. That was so well done. I know some people don't appreciate the campy humor of Garrison Keillor. Many Sundays I have spent in the car or on the couch listening to the show. I'll say this, he is a phenomenal writer and entertainer.

 These four folks are the voices for all the skits.

 Keillor thanked Colorado native band, the Haunted Windchimes from Pueblo, left. They were awesome.

*Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known.
-----_Garrison Keillor

   I pulled in the driveway just in time for the 7 pm start of our annul Halloween bash. It was one of our best parties, I believe. Here's some snaps:
Old neighbors and young neighbors: LA, in the center, shares my interest in serial killers, gloom, I know. " I love serial killers," she said.
Bob ate a sandwich, as Dean, who as either the Unabomber or the drunkest man at the party, knocked his sombrero off. Bob was the most interesting Mexican.

Janie killed it as Dorothy.

She tied with The invisible Man to win the costume contest. We laughed so hard tallying the votes. KJ read one vote as the most Irresistible Man. hahaha.

Invisible Man, aka, Chris Kwapy, Judge Judy and Ashley, who is a beautiful women no matter how she dresses.

John was a cat burglar and Cyn, was one ugly women. No matter what the clothes are, they are still love birds.

Group shot of happy friends.
I danced with Mercury and Terry Barton. We were dancin' fools.

Mexican Bob, Cyn and KJ at the bar.

Joe and Ann watched Nina dance.

Out in the Zak Shack.
John, Todd, Barbara and Alan

Sharon and Nancy

Sharon and friends

Sisters Char and Cyn.

Greg and fellow Fluke friends.

 Judge Judy: "Don't pee on my head and tell me it's raining."

 Ron and Char were elements. I heard Ron explain to one lady, " Well there's a periodic chart...." She replied, "I know, I just don't get it." Ron said, " I can't help you then."
Next day: Bob and Pam

Bryan, Pam and Popcorn

Lil Popcorn learning to use the cat door.

Watching the Broncos was painful, and apparently scary for John, on the right. So we re-played their one and only TD over and over just to get a few cheers in.

Then we watched John dog wrestle, which was far more entertaining.

Jack had the upper jaw on him. This was just an act folks.

Char made shrimp with ice hands. Not hers, frozen in plastic gloves.

 I made this flower poster or card or whatever yesterday morning, what do you think? Waste of time?

 Pretty fall and snow  at the Academy. I'll fill you in on other stuff later my friends. chao, ciao, chow-chow dog. C.

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