Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Margina Quintana

With our non-phonetically correct Italian surname we get called some funky names. The school's favorite is Ga-win-tah or Quintana, which makes no sense at all.

Today is my daughter's 15th birthday. A few nights ago we had her 'Survivor' birthday party. We, as in, a small group from the neighborhood, that get together usually on Thursday evenings to have dinner and watch the show Survivor. When asked what she wanted for a cake, she told Charlotte to surprise her. This is the theme they came up with.

As with all special occasions, Noel picked out a fine bottle of red from his wine cellar.
She wore the birthday princess crown well.

She received a Bachelor of Mega Science in Brainiac Engineering from the Colorado School of Minds. (She was disappointed to learn that it was the Colorado School of Mines and not 'Minds'. ) Since we are all alumni of the School of Minds, we took it upon ourselves to help her get a jump on her undergraduate degree.

She got a lot of nice gifts and after a delicious meal of Jambalaya, she went on home to do her four hours plus of homework so someday she can graduate Phi Beta Kappa from some college perhaps, The Colorado School of Mines. I am sure she will include all of us supporters in her address at graduation. " I'd like to thank all of the alumni of the School of Minds for their undying support..."


    I don't usually mention the show here so much so skip this part if you don't want to read about it.
    This is the most awesome season in quite sometime. I love drama, especially when the people who think they are controlling the situation, find out they are not. There's one weaselly contestant named Cochran. I swear he is Woody Allen reincarnated. I get the idea his mother still packs his lunch and includes juice boxes and perhaps launders and folds his tidy-whiteys. Anyway, he has been widely scapegoated by his team as being the reason why they lose challenges and bullied to his face by Keith, a good-looking dumb ass with a large ego. There's more to it but I'll let it go at that.  At tribal council he turned the tables and Mr. Chiseled-face Keith gets voted out by the beaten-down nerd. Way to go Cochran for growing a pair. Your former team is pissed and I feel fine.

I am a supporter of the underdog. This one included.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band... the review and photographs have been moved to the next post.

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