Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two wrongs don't make a right

   I was searching today on the web for sports stories vindicating Jay Cutler.  I always do after a Bear's game when he does an awesome job. I promise you, when I found this photo I was not searching using the word pussy in the search.

 It is obviously photo-shopped, however, I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I saw it.

   It was a really good game against the Eagles. Those sportscasters from ESPN are morons when doing color for Monday Night Football. With nine seconds left in the game, one of them, not sure which one, because I don't give a shit, said that maybe the kicker should run around in the backfield and try to run the clock down, maybe even taking a safety, rather than kicking it to the Eagles and risking a run back. For Pete's sake, where do they get these MFs.
   I got Mag's a Bear's sweatshirt for her birthday and she said she loves it even more than the pocket thesaurus.  We got ourselves another Jay Cutler fan in the house.

     The only thing she asked from Bryce is that he put on pants for her birthday dinner. He was running around with his boxers on.

    Speaking of birthdays, my most favorite day-ever is in three days, 11-11-11. The Russel's are hosting a party and that will be fun. It should be smallish,which are often the best kind, so if you're in town show up.

We are heading to Vegas in a week, so that will be something to celebrate. Yahhhoooooo!



  1. The commentators did lavish praise on Cutler, however...
    and Happy birthday!

  2. Joe, In fact they did. In an ESPN poll however, he rates 6th as the most hated QB. He's among a dog killer, and a domestic abuser, a guy who shot himself in the foot. I don't get it.


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