Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's chit-chat

Which is kind of hard to do since you can't talk back and I am writing. Let me take this opportunity to say the lack of comments can be a little depressing. Maybe it's because my writing leaves you, speechless, or wordless. You're forgiven.

My sister Ellen had a tumor the size of a soccer ball removed yesterday. She is doing fine. Yes, I said a fucking soccer ball. It was attached somewhere in the nether regions of her ovaries. They took out the whole kit-cat-in-caboodle, if you know what I mean. Maybe you pray or don't- but just think of her because she was so scared and probably still is. Thanks.

This week's paper at the Academy was a little stressful on deadline. The computers were down in the PA office where I work for 1 1/2 days. All elements for the paper flow through the network. It all worked out. I hate that feeling with a lump in  the throat racing the clock. Actually it's a love-hate thing.

Talk about stress, everyone excluding my son got up an hour late this morning. G2 took a quick shower to get our daughter out the door on time. He couldn't find his sun glasses and she was down in the car crying and Jesus H. talk about stress.

I just went out to the camper to find the Irish Creme for my coffee, all this stress talk got me craving a little sedation. I am off, what to hell. A little oxymoron, coffee and alcohol. Maybe just moron.

So what do you think about the sheriffs in Ohio killing all those exotic animals? It's a shame. What are those Keystone cops supposed to do? News link here.

What happened to the missing baby Lisa in Kansas City, MO? I think the mother did or knows something. Maybe not. It's hard to know what darkness lurks in a mother. She did change her story to include drinking a box of wine. I am a seasoned wine drinker and if I had drank that much I'd be blotto but I'd sure to hell know better. "Adult time",  my ass, adult time is taking care of your kids. News link here.

I can't say I please very many people. I try. What I can do is when I get up everyday, I vote for this guy so he can receive funds to support his non-profit dog rescue in LA. Here's the link to his FB page, if you like his page, he'll send updates on all his great work and you can get off to a good start everyday and vote to help this dude out. Here's the link to his FB page.

Remember, you're doing great, now get going on your adult time.


  1. Cadaver dog picked up a scent at the house in KC...

  2. I heard that last night. They also have 2 witnesses that saw a man walking in the hood with a baby in the middle of the night. Hope she's still alive.


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