Wednesday, October 19, 2011

God loves a drunk

     A segment of the Varsity squad went on a late season camping trip to Trout Creek pass a few weeks ago. The aspens were at their peak and the night temperatures were not even flirting with freezing. Crazy Bob invited his neighbors that seemed like reasonably nice folks. We went out on the ATVs for forty or so miles, photographing the landscape of bright colors and blue skies. We were at a point where it was getting late and the road ahead was too rugged for the novice neighbors. We did a few loops trying to find a way a way back north after driving south for so long. Mark and I ended going down this trail from hell. I haven't been that scared on an ATV in a long while. Large rocks and an off-camber hill. There was no going back. When he saw me hesitate he hollered up, "Just put it in low and crawl." I thought he said, "Just put it in low and GO!", which is pretty much the same thing but a little more urgent. When we reunited with the rest of the group, four of us went one way, Bob and friends went back the way we came, the sure thing.

I asked the guys if they thought we'd beat Bob and his friends back to camp. Mark said, "not at our current speed of 0 mph."

    We had a good campfire. Bob played guitar and we sang our hearts out, the usual, Bobby McGee, Midnight Special, Willin'. After a few hours of drunkin' camp singing people started drifting off to bed, until it was Bob, the woman neighbor, and me. The female neighbor was very intoxicated and started hanging all over Bob and me for that matter.  I decided my time for bed had come. The neighbor ended up professing her love for Bob. She put the shit in shit-faced. Bob said she was drinking vodka straight. Normally I would say, so what? She's an adult. Evidently, she had not drank alcohol in a very long time since she had gotten a few DUIs, even spending time in jail. I didn't see her in the morning but I did feel sorry for her. She must of been hurting and embarrassed.  Plus she loves Bob. Anyway, here's a song for her by one of my favorites, Richard Thompson. 

     I guess she didn't make the Varsity squad.



  1. Funny. I love Bob, too. :-) That pic of the aspens would be a great Christmas present for someone...just sayin'...

  2. I love Bob too... as a brother.


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