Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Filling the void.

I cannot stand by and do nothing when my friend Joe says there's a hole in his life where my blog posts used to be. How can I? I have simply just been lazy. I have no shortage of things to say.

I'll finish my NY trip real quick.
I stopped in Western New York. The night we held a BBQ to see some old high school friends it rained hard. It was cleansing the slate for renewal, I suppose. That's how I looked at it. Not that I remember any hard times or bad feelings, but just in case. I don't know too many folks back there, and for that, I blame myself - for not keeping in touch. That, and my memory has gotten so horrible that I have to stop and think to figure out if someone on Facebook, or in my thoughts, is from Lake Placid, Wayland,  Alfred or Colorado.
For no reason known to myself, my knee swelled to cantaloupe size overnight before driving to Buffalo. I was worried about being able to drive or walk.  I was pretty pathetic. Anyway I hobbled up to my friend's Lyn and Jim's land in Attica for their annual summer party. I was toted around in a golf cart by her awesome friends. We had a great time.  Here's some of my favorite pix:

 Had a great time catching up with old friends at my sister's home in Springwater, NY

 My father is an old guy but he is still sharp enough to skunk us all at cards. It was good to spend some time with him and Betty.

 Myself, bloated, on the left, Donna, my absentee college roommate, center, my long-time best buddy, Lyn, right, aka Pinhead. We sure had a great time. Sang every song that needed to be sung; John Prine, Jerry Jeff, Bromberg...ect

Their dog Casper will not flip the treat off his nose unless you say O. K. No other combination of O's or K's will make him flinch. He is precious.

Lyn and Donna take in some conversation, beers and sun.

 The dog isn't the only family member with talent. Jess is double jointed in many places.

 Jim has been sitting beer cans on his air-puffed belly for years. He says it has gotten easier since he doesn't have to puff it out so far now-a-days.

 My son got real muddy. Mud Boy. He had so much fun in their pond.

 Not long after we returned home the insanity of school year routine had the family back into the slavery of the clock, up at 6 am, out of the house by 7:30, work, home by 6 pm, dinner by 7, sleep by 10, boredom in between.  Maggie has been running on the cross- country team and has been impressive in renewing her personal record, otherwise known as the PR, wish I could run and have a PR. Here's little Mag's running:

 Went on a retreat to the Perran's cabin in the mountains to the west. They have done a beautiful job keeping it rustic but well-designed. This was not a religious retreat, however a religious experience. I did the cockroach for the first time in years. This is the process in which, I, usually fairly intoxicated, however surrounded by good friends, who are most likely of the same mind-set get on my back and wiggle my legs in the air. Like kick in glee. I don't have any photos of that but enjoy these:

 We had quite the spread. And lots of food too.

Part of the crew.


  1. LOVE that picture of Bryce in the mud, and the one of him with your dad. So glad you're "back in action".

  2. I loved all of the photos AND your writing. Always makes me smile when I think of you on all of life's adventures! <3


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