Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We, the jury, find the defendant....

I know I am sick of it too. Especially after watching the trial from the comfort of my treadmill. I know they couldn't fill the gaps to say there was definitive proof she did it. However I am damn sure Casey Anthony is guilty. Now jurors want big money to talk to the media. That's justice in America for you.

This photo, from sometime in high school, surfaced on Facebook today. I have no clue where I was or what to hell I was doing. However, I believe this was my Prince Valiant hair cut courtesy of my sister Ellen. I think I chased her around the house to hit her because she was laughing after she cut it. I am in the middle.

Monday was  the Fourth of July. So I went to Ron and Charlotte's and did my best to stay somewhat sober. Why? I had to work Tuesday. I am still not over the short week.

Ron's cock was dressed for the occasion

I made a strawberry rhubarb buckle. It turned out great. Rhubarb, not so great on it's own, but nothing a few cups of sugar and strawberries can't cure.

Miss Nina is getting prettier every day.

Dr. Sarah Coakley stopped in.

Washers action.

People watching people playing washers. The husband and wife winning team of G2 and myself were very OFF. Well, we can't win all the time or people wouldn't want to play with us.

Fireworks to the east. What can I say, I had a short lens. We've all seen fireworks before. We've all seen a good firework's photo before. Well this ain't one of them. Can't be on duty all the time.

After a week of planning, I have my tickets purchased and I'll be back in New York state the second week of August. I hope to see everyone I can during the trip because the older I get the less and less likely it is that I get back for a vacation if you know what I mean.

 Hey chin up okay, I know you're not guilty.

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