Monday, July 11, 2011

The Selfish Gene

Figuratively speaking, of course. I think your at the wrong web address if you were hoping any information about gene-centered evolution. However, I have surprised you before. Maybe bored, instead of surprised, it's a fine line.

     No, I am not going to lecture about how some people are so selfish, blah, blah, blah, and drivers on I-25 drive like they have blinders on, that's just too easy. I have been selfish myself, plenty, and no one wants to hear that. Just think of this next time your unsure how to act on something. Put yourself last. It will amaze you.
     This weekend was Neil's fiftieth birthday and his wife Shelley's fifty-something-ieth so we went over and ate, drank our share and more, had fun and hopefully were as entertaining as we were entertained. Here's some snaps of the birthday bash.

The Stansberry Family. The camping group cleans up nicely.

Wendy and Megan in from Salt Lake.

Janie shakes it during the Zumba dance she did with KJ and Tamara.

They did a really good job.

Hugs after.

The cakes by Janie.

The birthday boy and girl.

Glade and Dick had their cake and ate it too.

Fifties were in the air. Along with rain and lightning.

Rhianna played with the kids.

G2, Jimmy and OT

KJ and Janie watched Neil unwrap his Snuggie. He was thrilled. I think he liked itt as much as the predictable Depends and Ben Gay.

He even tried it on.

Noel showed Neil how the hood works.

Crazy Bob and Blair.

Joe is an awesome player and singer, and driver of revelers. Thanks for the ride home, Joe.

Senior Bob and G2

The big toast at the dinner earlier in the week for the Thompson clan all the way over from England. Can't wait to see them again.

     I was thinking (but not just about myself, selfishly) but kinda. I think I like to watch Intervention and Hoarders because it allows me to feel better about myself. I don't have any real claims to accomplishment, but I have managed to keep the house tidy and out of rehab. But like Noel says, I too would be an over-achiever if I didn't drink, and I wouldn't want to be that selfish. eh?

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