Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fresh start

Good morning, hope you don't mind I did a little cleaning of the old site. Really it's a work in progress, so please step around the mess for a while.

Since I haven't written in awhile, I'll have to use my memory to catch you up on my mostly mundane existence. I will skip the mundane parts so with my limited memory, it should be a brief post, ha ha.

Took a drive to visit my old friend Pam in Morrison last week. She is not old, nor am I, but we have been friends since we were five, so do the math, she's an old friend.

The Hood

We also had a few small dinner get-togethers, the first of the young summer.

The bar was open to a cast of usual suspects

The dog will stop a nothing to get a bite of food.
Nothing, and nothing says dinner party like a chocolate lab up to the table.
Greg made a beautiful roast. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Don't you love lemonade in the summer?
Neil is recovering from knee surgery. Cyn is recovering from me taking her photo so much.
We finally got to celebrate KJ's birthday.

Thursday we went to the Perran's and caught up with their daughters who were in for a visit.

Denise proves she still has the disco dance moves. Her kids were impressed.

Noel sat outback with the jet-set
The island dweller's are proud to be American.

At the bar table, Cyn is, yet again, thrilled to be photographed.

Mags. My loverly daughter.

Cyn insisted Maggie do the bump with her. Mags was thrilled.   

Denise had a chocolate 'tashe

Noel poured some spirits and some drinks too.

 The Moose and a half Camp Trip..."take off your clothes and defend yourself!"

Here's some scenes from the weekend camp trip, went to a spot off Cottonwood Pass, we call Moose and a half, because there was a cow moose and her baby living in the area. However, I never saw said Moose and baby, but I did see photos.

Do you see the moose in the woods? Me neither.

Dave and Sue came with their dog Pepper. Their four youngest kids were visiting their oldest kid in Detroit. They both grew up in inner-city Detroit and had some pretty interesting stories to tell about growing up there. Mostly about teen angst, then dodging bullets and moving to the suburbs, then moving to fuck out of there. I find it totally interesting and could ask questions about it all night, but then they'd get sick of me prying. However, they both thought that the plowing over of the miles of old burned-out neighborhoods of Detroit into farm land was a good idea.

A flower in the woods. Or is it wood?

It has rained so much in Gunnison County that there's no fire band. But lots of mosquitos.

So we had a great fire. This is the first night when I looked back to the fire when going to bed.

The twins, Kesha and Grace. I am so bad at spelling names, forgive.

Cutie pies.

Mark loving on Pepper.

Pookie getting Greg out of the mud. They thrive on helping each other which is a very good thing.

Top of Cumberland Pass.

Sweet Jesus. Why we live and play here.

Rachel leads the pack.

G2, Mark, Neils's folks,Glade and Richard.

Eileen's ATV shoes. She totally pulled it off.

Neil's brother Keith and his wife Eileen. They are visiting from England along with their folks for Neil's fiftieth.  We have known them for years and never tire of seeing them and hearing them talk. " We fired our guns and the British kep' a coming, there was quite as many as there was a while ago..." Happy fourth of July.

Greg cooks and Max is interested.

These were the best ribs I have ate since the last time Greg made ribs.

Building a proper fire takes effort.

Rhianna is Eileen's daughter and claims to be as big as a nerd as Bryce and Mags. She even has the Kindle to prove it. They are excited to meet her.

East side of Cottonwood Pass.

Okay, about taking off your clothes and defending yourself, that's what Sue was saying around the fire. Must have been a survival technique from the Detroit ghettos. She is one of the most funniest ladies I have ever met. Did anyone take off their clothes... next time you'll find out.

So stop back by, it'll be worth it, I promise. I swear, I will try not to swear so much.  But I am not making any promises.
Take off your clothes and defend yourself.

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