Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Untitled Post #314

Can you believe, 314 posts? Sorry to put you through all this petty shit, but kinda fun huh?

I quit Facebook yesterday. Just temporarily, probably. My daughter said people with ADHD like me should probably limit their time on it, so I am giving it a break.  Because she seems way smarter than myself, and really the only thing I ever posted on there were photos of my damn dog, Jack , it's probably best.  Sorry for all the commas, but when in doubt, I put a comma in there. Speaking of Jack, he got really dirty at the dog park this a.m., so when we got home I started the shower and called him, and he came in the bathroom and jumped in the tub by himself. This is revolutionary. Typically, I have to lift him in the tub and wrestle him like an alligator to wash him, so that was a nice surprise.

Here's some funnies sent by my friend Ron. Places to eat with names that may, and should keep you at bay. Kinda like Chef's Salty Chocolate Ball's. Nah, I am partial to salty chocolate balls.

Happy 4/20, weed day, tomorrow. I'll light a joint  bong a candle for you. Just don't eat at Happy Crack, ok?

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