Monday, April 18, 2011

Paranoia, the destroyer

You know what I am talking about, The Kinks, Destroyer, doesn't that take you back thirty 'er so years.

Hey, you know how I love those foresnic shows and that show "Disappeared"? Well this RIT student was found dead next to the little upstate NY town where I went to high school. Dateline: Wayland, New York.  I wonder what happened to him. Will this be a future "Disappeared"?

I shot for the paper and photographed another athlete. A sprinter this time. Her name: GinAsia

She was awesome.  

Jack seemingly hates cat ears.

Seemingly. I know this is not right.

Anyway, another long night staying up with my son last night, making sure he gets his homework done. He was up most of the night. Good God, this morning I even lit a candle for him. One of those religious candles I light for the Broncos. 
When I was in college, I had a friend, Joey. Good friend and crazy too. His mother, whose name escapes me and doesn't really matter for the story, would light candles for him and all his friends. She knew my name and would tell Joey, "Tell Carol I am lighting a candle for her too." At the time I was thinking, "There's not enough candles on the face of this Earth to help me out, don't waste the matches." But she was a devoted Catholic and she knew about the drinking and carrying on we did. Maybe that's why we all survived it. All those candles.
 I'm not religious, just a good person who tries to do the right thing. I hope that counts for something. I will light the candles for the Broncos, my son and for you too if you want, because positive thoughts can go along way. Stay positive. I know how hard it is sometimes.


  1. Great pictures of the sprinter and Jack. And light a candle for me!

  2. Joe, Thanks. Wish granted, it's still burning, just for you. C.


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