Friday, March 4, 2011

March Forth

divide and conquer.

It's my friend Lyn's birthday.  We were partners in petty crimes, mostly of the underage-drinking and laughing-at-other's-while-stoned nature. Never criminal. We still laugh about those times, the ones we can remember. There's a few we will never forget because of the hilarity.

One of them doesn't even have an alcohol related theme which is a surprise in itself.  My dad was pretty adamant about our family eating as a family around the dinner table about 5:30. One hot summer in about 10th grade, I asked if I could instead go swimming in our friend Shelly's pool about dinner time. He said , "no", but I had other plans and took off. The details are foggy at best, but somehow it got to the point where he was driving around looking for me. Lyn, Shelly and her mom hid me under the water of the swimming pool. I got in trouble but it was pretty exciting having them say, "no haven't seen her".  I know your not laughing out loud but somehow we always bring that story up. The funnier ones are the ones where I could have easily died or been arrested for public intoxication.

Once, after a concert, we, (I don't remember who), invited Dave Bromberg and his band. to a girl's party at another college after seeing his show.  The band did show up. I asked "Where's David?", like I knew him, I was so drunk I took out the girl's stereo dancing , (if I didn't do it , someone else would of,I was saying  from one of his songs) and went home with one of her shoes on. Hey they were similar to mine. We also drove the wrong way on the highway exchange that same night. No, I was not driving, knew better, I always seemed to know my limits there.

Another time, Lyn and  I were home from college and we decided to go out about 10 pm after putting on our make up and partying in my room. I was driving downtown and I turned to Lyn and asked her if I had lipstick on my teeth and she said, " no, my darling, you look wonderful tonight." That was incidentally the song on the radio at the time.  We sure laughed at that. Anyway, I could go on and on about the hi-jinx we had. One thing you could count on; if you saw me, she was there and visa-versa. If not, people were asking where the other one was. Anyhow enough of youthful indiscretions. I sure they would show up if I ever ran for a political position. Guess there's no worries about that.

Here's a funny from my friend John:   Today's inspirational message is 
don't irritate a women who can operate a back hoe:

well put.  Maybe it should just be never irritate a woman, period.


Well this week's show did not disappoint.  Unless you were a fan of that troll Russell.  He was voted out and is now on Redemption Island with the cute guy, Matt, who beat out the loud mouth Francesca. Or as Phillip would say, Francesqua.

Anyway we had a big time at Cyn's and a big cheer at the end.  Except for Ron who for some reason is fond of Russell.

They really didn't exploit Phil this show.

I awoke with a small hangover but still managed to take Jack to the dog park.  He preceded on getting very dirty so I preceded to give him a shower when I got home.  With me in there showering too.  My daughter thinks this is wrong.  

Well I have more to say but it'll be next time. Later,  C.

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