Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bachelor is a Texas d-bag, that means big...

cause every thing's bigger in Texas.

Do you think any less of me if I fess up that I am indeed watching, "The Bachelor, the Girls Tell All", or something like that? I haven't watched the series this season because I am sick of all these reality shows recycling the biggest jerks from past shows for the sake of ratings. Fuck that, there's too many other contestants that may indeed end up being bigger liabilities. Take a chance producers. The first night I couldn't take his monotone drawl that made him sound like a simpleton so I searched spoilers and found out who won the show. Tonight well, there's not much more on, so don't judge. I know your judging, quit it. I'm really blogging instead so there.

Here's a funny from KJ, from an e-mail titled, "Why dogs bite". These are my favorite two. The lab photo I am going to copy with some other object in Jack's jowls. Everyone knows labs do not bite, very much anyway. Heck Jack would probably eat the little toy monster.

The Boston Terrier photo is just too funny and they should consider biting the responsible party.

Keep warm and fuzzy. Carol

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