Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last days of March

Before last week's bright moments get away from me, we watched Survivor on Wednesday. The night it's aired. This was due to the scheduling of the NCAA basketball March madness which seems has been going on FOREVER. Well congrats to Charlotte and other KY fans over their win to the final four. Otherwise I could care less.


I was so glad when they voted Stephanie off. She was one worrisome bitch. Phil caught Boston Rob and the cute guy looking at a clue after they absconded after finding it hidden in the immunity award. This may be Rob's downfall. Go Phil.

Other News

Sharon was called by hospice to get down to Kentucky ASAP for her mom, so we are all hoping for the best for her. One must do what one must do. Safe travels friend.
Otherwise John and Cyn had their annual March Birthdays' Birthday Party Saturday.
 Here's how it all went down:

 Kwapy got the gift/card handing out going with a little stand-up comedy.

 Greg and I splurged on this hat for John. He really liked it. Or he said he did. Plus he wore it all night.

  Pretty princess Stephanie got a kindle from Craig. Say that three times fast.

 All the birthday folks got teeth. Bad rubber ones. Stephanie's were hidden in the bag. That was her excuse.

 Lee left with the home-made porta-potty from John.

 Noel and Denise are empty-nesters now. They were there having fun.

 Scene from the bar.

Steph found her teeth!

Thanks for the good night Russel's!

Was a quiet lazy-sort of Sunday. Trying to get over this cold.

Here's some visual treats (all photos by others.)

These are from Ron, from wire artists, Bent Objects:
Dog training.

 Bananas  spooning.

This is my fave.

Marshmallow pirates.

Peanut zombies eat brains.

From my guitar teacher, Mo filed under, "There I fixed it."
 This would be a practical quick-fix.

Hot plate?

I think I did this once in a rental car.

These are from high-school friend Penny, titled, "Things you don't see much."

I wonder how he got down?

Nice asction.

 Uncle Harry.
Love this.

Hope all is well on your home front. Keep it real. C.

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