Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday and proper use of the F-word.

Hope this post finds everyone up and at 'em. Not me. This cold has me down. Maybe these funnies will help, they helped me.
From Donna... she titled them "When it's okay to say the F-word", which for me that's anytime except work, school and church( I know, haven't been for years, but I am talking hypothetically), and even then there's exceptions. I can think of lots of them, but that would be a whole new post. However, if you over use it, or use it inappropriately, you'll end up sounding stupid, and or trashy. That and it loses it's power. And it can be very powerful. Remember, gratuitous use, no good.  That's what I told my kids anyway. I suppose any of these situations would merit the "f- bomb".


Hope your day is better than these. And say the f-word when you think it's okay, I do, okay. Carol

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