Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where am I ?

Not rhetorical, really.

I just don't have a whole lot to add.

It's sad about Elizabeth Edward's death.  But just as sad is the other 100 or 1000 or so that died of breast cancer yesterday too.  Except they won't be publicly celebrated.  Too bad about her ex-lawyer husband being such a heel.

They arrested the Wikileaks dude Julian Assange in England.  I think the sex charges are a sham.  Seems to me.  It's interesting because he's followers have hacked the websites of MasterCard and Visa and then counter-hackers are hacking supporters sites.  They are a bunch of unhappy hacker haters.

Here's some art.

Hey I said art because what is art anyway?  What? Plus so subjective and all that other cliched bullshit.

   Snowy Incline
 Chapel Wings
 Garden Glow
Rear View.

Anyway maybe I'll shoot some real photos tomorrow.  Maybe not......CSL

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