Friday, December 10, 2010

Mother's little helper

Kids are different today, I hear every mother say....

Occasionally when I see that quarter glass of wine I didn't drink from the night before, I say to myself, "I should just down that."  But I never do.  Unless I am camping.

Today I did.  My God it was two ounces.  Big deal. 

When I got home from my guitar lesson, I took a percocet because my knee is just killing me.  Well not killing me but it feels like how one might feel if their knee could actually inflict enough pain to kill. Percocets do not get me lethargic or down but up, they help me get some shit done around here, so it's a little helper side effect.  Plus I have no where to go.  So you see that two ounces of wine was a gateway drug for me getting my house work done.

Went to Mags orchestra concert last night.  It was very good.  No Jesus but a little bit of Santa and dreidel. Yule tide cheer. She is a joy.

I read an essay she wrote this morning.  She's really a good writer.  I did not write like that in high school unless I was doing a little plagiarism.  Kidding.  Maybe I did because I can no longer remember that far back to the mid to late twentieth-century.  Well better get going my helpers are here.

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