Sunday, December 12, 2010

Smile on your brother

KJ helped me put together our Christmas cards yesterday and we nearly finished them.  They look pretty swank if I don't say so myself.  I 'll put one up when I get finished.  I'll get one in the mail to you just leave your address on comments if I don't have it.

Took a hot tub tonight for the first time in a few years.  Yes, it felt really good.  There's still a leak but not sure where and it's not bad.  Greg said no problem.

To be sure and to clarify how mad I was at Bob the other day, I have moved on and I know he would do anything for us. Shirt off his back even if he had no shirt for himself.  Plus that and I never keep score on friendships, K?

Anyway we went up to Woodland Park and got a Christmas tree today.

The kids.

Madge and her dog.

Getting the tree secured.  It was a big MF.  About 20 feet.  For our outside place.  We got a small one for our baywindow.

He's such a lovable goof.

We came across a couple camp sites that were just despicable.  For the love of Pete, why do people leave their campsites like a garbage dump.  One camp had a dead horse carcass and a dead smaller animal.  It has bothered me all day.  Not as much as the friend of the friend of the friend of a friend bestiality story I heard yesterday but you don't need those visuals, I promise. There are sick individuals among us. I will promise a few photos from today tomorrow and that's a wrap.

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