Monday, December 13, 2010

I've been down so very damn long

that it looks like up to me.

Fun with Jack Guinta...

 I can just hear the song "In the Arms of an Angel"

Here's your gift..

I got a little something for you.  Honest.

Bow.  Wow.

Anyhew, we had a fun time watching the Broncos on Sunday even if they suck... we'll still cheer'em on.  They are our team in sickness and health, through domestic violence and McDaniels till death do us part. Did ya see those Bills though?  

Noel made big points with Denise getting her a plate with fries and a heart-shaped ketchup.  Not much makes Denise happier than Noel and ketchup.

The midwest and northeast have gotten a bit of Winter.  Understatement huh?  The football dome in Minnesota collapsed. You probably knew that though, unless your living under a rock. Well this is no news blog.  Just a rehash of old news and rumor.  Got any good rumors?

Found this web stalking.  Made me smile, hope it makes you smile too.

Going out to the hot tub so don't be hating, my knee's a hurtin'  Love, Carrolla

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  1. Don't be sad Eeyore. At least you have a tale. Jack is a lovely dog, his face says love. How could you be sad with that. Get out and enjoy the sun and the cold. Sure sometimes life sucks but mostly it is the face of dogs, cats, kids, flowers, trees, snow, food and people you love. Don't worry be happy. PS you got a lot of talent


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