Saturday, December 4, 2010

Smart Fellers magazine

Hi,  I posted this on Facebook.  It was a birthday poster for Bubs John made.  It was done so well that Facebook friends though it was real.  Or maybe not, just thought it was cool looking.  The only misstep, so to speak, was the quip about Hawkins to step aside, as Stephen Hawkins, an astro-physics genius is afflicted with ALS and has been in a wheelchair for years.

Love it.  Bryce loved it. Anyway here's some scenes from the big Survivor birthday party for him.  Now all we gotta do is convince him to get his license so we can take the party on the road when we want to.  Usually we stay in the zip code and probably still would.

Complete writings of Edgar Allan Poe.

His ribbon beard.

 Bryce with the hat Maggie made for him.

Survivor was interesting to say the least.  Crap, two contestants quit.  People kicked off prevously in the jury were crying I think because they really had wanted to stay.  Jeff Probst was fit to be tied. I've never have seen him so pissed. One of them may have been the most disgusting person to ever play the game.  Good riddance NaOnka, NaOinka.  A phys-ed teacher really?

That's all for now. Chow, choi. chew, chewbaca.

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