Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Animal rear

A few years back my husband's sister Anna Maria left our lives and has never checked back in.  When their mother died in early 2001 she got her share of the inheritance and left for LA.  After her marriage broke up and her ex-stole her car a few years later, she called for legal money.  I gave the phone to G2 and he said he sent her a small chunk of dough.

She took off and never called anyone after that. For awhile we would get calls from creditors.  Even one from Kentucky.

 Her name was hard for the kids to say so they garbled up the words a bit and called her something that sounded like animal rear. She was very generous and loving to them but they hardly remember her. So where ever she is I wish her the best.  A phone call to say she was okay would be great.

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