Thursday, June 10, 2010


....I can walk a bit.  I'll never take walking for granted again, or at least until I forget about this injury.

Jack always looks either guilty or sad.

Believe me he is neither.

This is what my 15 year old son has 

looked like the past two afternoons.

Yes, afternoons.  He had a sleep-over birthday party at a friends and they stayed up all night, so he is out of sync.

This is the yard sale table I bought a few years weeks ago.  I am going to paint it so it's not so forest green and not so southwestern.  Any ideas?  I think I'll incorporate 4 colors from the rug but not sure how.

Madge and her friend played with water in the side yard yesterday with the lab that doesn't seem to like water.  Maybe he was water-tortured.  That's the thing with a dog with an unknown past, we'll never know.  He does not seem to be involved with terrorism.

The girls had a swell time cooling off.

This is what you do when you have no swimming pool.

They were stuffing the balloons down their shirts.

I put out my showy bougainvilla in the sun, hopefully it will show.  That's what they call it when the leaves turn color.  This one is lavender when it shows. It's the scraggly looking plant in the center.  I'll post when it does.

Have a good one.  C.


  1. GREAT pictures! You really take beautiful photos, Carol.

    That one of Noel is awesome! I want you to take my next profile shot. :)

  2. Bev, I would be honored to photograph yer awesome face. I don't get back east very often, but i'll be in Newport RI at the end of July : }


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