Tuesday, June 8, 2010

poor poor pitiful me

poor, poor, pitiful me.  Yeah I gotta quit feeling sorry for myself but I can't walk, so woe is me.  Well I can walk but with a big gimp.

Who goes to the doctors and burst into tears because they injured their foot?  Yeah me.  I had this impending gloom over my head.  I felt like I would never walk or it wouldn't heal right, so I cried to him about missing work.  Well he sent me to get x-rays of the foot and ankle and probably wanted to send me to the psych ward as well.  Apparently a bone spur on my heal was driven up into the pad by my fall Sat.  I should heal in a week or two.  In the meantime, I got my prescription for Wellbutrin refilled.  My head should be healed in no time as well.

Had Joe and Sharon and Nina over for fish Sunday night for a mellow time.  This is how it went down,

We ate outside because it was hot out.

 Nina has gotten so smart.

Jack was a bit ragged over the heat.

Should have gotten a photo of the fish Greg cooked.  It was better than any fish and chips I have ever eaten out.

The kids got out their concert sprayers from the bluegrass fests we've seen in the past.  God I miss going to them.  Not in the budget for this year.

The cake Sharon made was great.  

Remember I was up late and writing about Joran Vander Sloot, but I was on pain meds and couldn't remember their names? Yeah, me either, but I did, and now he admitted to the murder in Peru.  Now I know he was capable of killing Natalie Hollway, too bad they couldn't nab him before he killed again.  I guess Aruba has shoddy police work.

I hobbled around work and did a bit of shoddy work myself today.  I am ready for the home front, so I'll sign off and say keep yer feet on the ground and yer head outa your ass (unlike me)  XXOO C.

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  1. I once cried to the doctor when my cat Butcher Holler bit me. I was so upset cause it got infected. Cat scratch fever. It felt like the flu but I think it hurt me more that the cat bite me and i loved him so much. He didn't mean it. He was mad at another cat and I picked him up. I though the doctor must think I am crazy. I was really depressed.


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