Sunday, June 6, 2010

if it weren't for bad luck,

I'd have no luck at all.  Not really.  But it can sure seem that way sometimes.  I fell off a bench today gardening.  I know, I should make up something for a better story.  I knew when I was falling it could be bad, then I landed and thought wow, maybe no damage, then I felt the tightness in my left ankle and it's sprained and I can't walk.  fuck.  i have bad ankles from drinking and dancing in college.  I hope I am not down long.  At least I will practice guitar or read tomorrow.

That dutch dude Joran Vander whatever who killed Natalie whatever has killed again.  It's late and I'll fill in the blanks later, This time pretty damning evidence that he can't duck with the help of his influential parents.  Rot in hell, Joran.

I'll pick this up later when it's not 2 am,

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