Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have no clue

why this cold has clung on to me.  Like a wad of snot I can't shake from my hand, like a little dog I can't shake from my leg, like a string of cheese that followed my pizza to my mouth, it won't let go.

Sorry about the snot visual, but that actually happened to me on a walk yesterday when I attempted a farmer's blow.  It was a complete fail but I forgot to bring tissue with me.  Won't do that again.  I think you gotta be moving to propel it away.  I know TMI.

I took the day off today, after going to work sick Tuesday, and then was wiped out Wednesday.  I woke up and I knew I was still under the weather with a low grade fever.  So I did what any sick sickly person would do, I called in sick and then worked at a snail's pace in the garden.  I wouldn't have been worth a shit at work and I was barely worth a shit at home, but I did repot a bunch of plants. The huge MF bougainvilla got the best of my arms, thorns like a rose, nasty fuckers, even stepped on one. Thats what I get for being the barefoot gardener.  I know there's diseases I could catch.

G2 got mad when I told him petunias he bought were Grandma flowers.  Sorry that's just how I feel about marigolds and petunias.  Still made a big pot of them for the patio so I am not such a flower snob anyways.

 G2 cooked the Survivor crew a rib roast and we watched the reunion.  It was good to catch up in the neighborhood.  Tomorrow we have dinner at the Perran's, hey it's almost like we have a social life.

We need a bigger house, at least a bigger kitchen.

Love him, even though he peed and shat in the house overnight.  He may have tried to wake me up.

Welcome to my nightmare.  I am surprised we aren't wearing winter clothes with the back-log.

Jack has wiped out the cat food three times tonight.  I gotta figure out a solution.  That, and he eats horse crap.  No wonder he has diarrhea.  We did have big laughs with him earlier, rolling on the floor, me, Bubs and Mags and he was biting us and we were just laughing so hard, I think he thought we were laughing at him, which we were, cause he went crazy jumping up like a bucking bronco.  I think he is also wise to some of his nick names, like Poupe' (poo-pay) Richard (rhymes with re-tard)  No wonder he eats the cat food, I think he just looks dumb, but it's nobody's fool.

Anyhew very short work week for me, hope you survive yours without a hitch or wad of goo, unless you want that.    C.


  1. Carol,
    We keep our cat food up on a table so the dogs can't get to it, while the cats can. A dresser or such ought to work.

  2. When Jack has RHEA crush garlic and mix it in his food. Crushed garlic kills any intestinal parasites in humans and dogs. Can you put the cat food in a high spot that Jack can't reach. Most cats can jump up high...just a thought.
    Love your blog! <3 Pam <3


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