Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Helluva good time

was had by all, from what I heard,anyway.  The afternoon I got there, Thursday, my cold got so intense I had a fever and couldn't breathe but I persevered and was just miserable a few days.  Anyway here's some of my favorite snaps.  There's more on FB, here's the link:

Pulling out with Jack, He was such a good boy, never strayed and didn't beg.

The guys sounded great.  I played Friday and Sat. a bit, but gotta tell you it was fairly rough.  However,  Sat. was my favorite night.  It was so fun, I am glad that Bob stayed and played.  Friday I took so many OTC cold meds I was sick and a mess.

WOW after Chase made this jump he lost control on the landing and hit the Russell's ATV
Good Lord it could of been BAD.  He wasn't hurt thankfully.

Here's the other wine drinkers of the group.  We drank wine with our big dinner, but wine with a cold isn't that great of an idea.  Sour on the throat.

We were in the beautiful Collegiate Ranch by Buena Vista, CO

The big dinner Sat, fed 36, from what I counted.  The food was GREAT, the brisket was the best.

We all got so dirty.  It was hot, (for the mts) dry, and dusty.

Here's me on the trail.  I didn't bring my gear out when there was dust.  It would have been ruined.  I need to get a good snap shot camera.  We played a great volleyball game Sunday night.  It was so fun.  On the team I was on there was five teens and we nearly won the first game.  Again we were so dirty.

It was Sharon Bailey's 50th last week so couldn't miss the opportunity to celebrate.  John made her a great card.

Its great to be home and it a clean bed.  Home your enjoying a clean bed too.  XXOO, C.

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