Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Derby Party Part One

............finally. Been working like a dog.  I have to split these into two posts because I want to go home.  These are the official Derby Portraits.  These are sized small so email me if you want a bigger size for prints.

Even Ron's cock wore a hat....

The artist formally known as Sharon

KJ didn't want her photo taken....

Mags was eating a Blue Monday.....

Lovely Cyn with her lovely hat

Mr and Mrs Chris Jones

Grandpa hit the juleps

Moi, thanks for the photo Suz

Grandma checked her bets

 Miss Suz and her bangles...

Boogedy Bob

The Mullally's..had cash...

Mrs Denise Perran

Mr Funny guy, Kwapy

Beautiful girls Mary,left,  and her friend, Savannah

Addie and Jeff

Our hosts with the mostes Ron and Charlotte

Jim and his beautiful girlfriend, Brittne

Mr piano man himself, John 

Macayla,  (sorry I misspelled that)
AKA Fractured Fairy Tale

Since Greg wouldn't let me do a portrait, I threw this one in there.  The bet room.
More to come stay tuned................

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  1. Thanks for taking pictures this year Carol! You are the best. I've been waiting with baited breath... Your blog is something to look forward to! Have a good one! Ron


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