Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Derby Party Take 2

ok thanks for your patience.

The drinks....

The goo..really called Kentucky burgoo, was fab

The chicken.....

My lunch...

they went all out...

Mags took bets with Nina..

Cyn was excited,  three, three!!

Maggie recorded bets..future bookie business leader

Kwapy tried to ease drop...

watching races

KJ made her bets

good times

Mags tells Gramps how to bet...(money was in 1,000,000 dollar bills)

Two Orme sisters

titled:  Denise with roses.

D: Noel come quick, Ron's cocks on fire!  
N:  Denise your drunk.                            

Cyn led, "My Old Kentucky Home"

And their off!

The actual derby was a little lackluster cause no one picked the winner, Super Saver.

Horse droppings..

Char put together hot browns as Ron manned the sink.  Great party!  I am working on my hat for next year already.  Well not really but I will.  Wouldn't miss it,Thanks!!!!

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  1. Loved the pics...thanks so much for posting them!


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