Friday, April 9, 2010

weekend is here

And I am soooooooo happy

Mags colored some eggs this year.  I hard-boiled them.  I think two out of twelve got eaten. Atleast they were cheap.

Susan made a kick-ass rabbit cake for Survivor dessert last night.  I honestly think Russell is running the show now.  What a punk-ass troll.

My son is a great kid.  So when he wanted a three wolf moon shirt I handed him my credit card.  He hasn't taken it off for two days now, here's why .  Here's a cute video that you gotta see to understand.
hit this link: Three Wolf Moon

Went to an art day at a local middle school doing fabric installations like Christo and Jeanne Claude.  Why fuck up nature?

Also shot a Montessori school.  They had a better Mac than me, third graders.  

and a chef who runs a culinary school.  I guess he's eating the profits.

Gonna go home now.  Going snowmobiling tomorrow in Steamboat.  I will take photos since this is the last ride of the season. take care, C.

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