Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Colorado adventure #4324, Rabbit Ears Pass

Went on a little camping/snowmobile trip with G2 and the boys overnight this past Sat.  Rabbit Ears pass just south of Steamboat Springs, CO.  A three and a half-hour trip from our lovely home.

I joked this is how every trip starts out, taking apart or fixing a sled or two.

Maybe not every trip, this time Mark's pull-start failed so Aaron and Neil dismantled it.

We rode about 50 miles. The first half we rode meadows in thick set-up snow. FUN! and tiring. We could ride anywhere. It was awesome.  The last half was bumpy trail.  Boo.  Only way back.
After eating and drinking, we slept in campers in the parking lot.  I write it that quick cause I wasn't very peppy on return.  Did everything I could to stay up to 9:15.  
There's a fairly big snowmobile camping culture through-out Colorado.  They camp where they can, usually in campers.  A man and his teen son slept in the back of their pickup with no topper, just bags, they said it was cold.  got down to about 25 degrees. They are in the background of Chuck's picture.
OK, here's the players, I should say the riders:

Chuck, best quote,  after Mark told him filet mignon was 8.99 lb at Sunflower Market," I don't need to buy anything for 8.99 a pound that I am just gonna turn to shit"

Mark's quote...,  when a guy he didn't know walked into the parking lot after riding and asked where his beer was,
"Pretty sure it's at the liquor store, that's where I saw it last"

G2, after eating dinner,"Man that green chile made that burger, that was the best burger I've had in years." or "We should have been here Thursday.  We're two days late."

Aaron, after talking about sleds,  "Never again will I ever buy or ride a snowmobile without reverse again, heck I think Dee's gonna need a 800. "

Neil , "Was that ride manly enough for you Carol?, that was a pretty manly ride" 

He also told us about a Benny Hill song he heard when growing up in London,"Ernie the Fastest Milkman in the West",with the lyric, "he nearly swooned in her macaroons"since the dessert was macaroon cookies.

Carol, (that's me) "I'm beating up my kidneys on this bumpy trail and now I am going to go back and beat'em up with whiskey"(which I didn't cause I was so tired.)

Neil and I on the trail.  Finally got my blue bird day.

Mark just below the rabbit ears rock formation.  The ears are really mis-matched in size but at a distance they look the same size.  Neil rode up to the left just below the ears.  Chuck said there's no line between stupid and brave.  We all went around the back and rode up, parts were steep.

Chuck riding in a meadow towards Rocky Mtn National Park in the distance.  The snow was fabulous in the untracked meadows.

Leaving Sunday, down the pass  with the ears in the foreground.

Town of Kremmling. Old saw mill town I think. Jeez.

Green Mt Reservoir, very low water level.

 Outlet mall in Silverthorne.  Ugly.

Pine Beetle kill off I-70, double ugly.

Cat was so happy she rolled for joy when I arrived home.
I was so tired I haven't still come out of my funk.  Went to bed at 7 pm last night.  My arms and legs are still sore, for those of you who think snowmobiling is not tough, phooie. That, plus I am a wuss. You can disagree with me here:

ha ha you can't.

Have an awesome week, friends.  I'll try not to go four days without a post again.  swear.

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