Thursday, April 8, 2010

color my world or heck just crush my skull in

either way would be fine with moi.  The best reason to keep on living is that it is Thursday and that means Survivor and food and drink.  I've been limiting myself just to a beer or a glass or wine or two but tonight I just might have to break them rules.  From now on there are no rules.

Yesterday I went skiing with G2 and an old friend Kevin Daugherty. We've known Kev for over twenty years but have not hung out with him for quite sometime mainly cause he lives on the east side of town and we're westsiders.   Not to get snobby.  He is a funny guy and there were no shortages of laughs on our trip to Loveland.  I have no photos however so you'll have to take my word for it.  I used to ski rather well.  I would say expert.  I have lost a lot of confidence, I skied okay but just intimidated by the thicker tracked up snow that you really have to push through, that previously I wouldn't even bother mentioning. Good conditions, good terrain, great company and the clientele the smaller ski area has a low douche bag ratio.  Now my face is a red from wind burn because I have an allergy to cold and that's the way it reacts. But it was good to get out.

While I am in a bad mood, I am just gonna say I am a little sick of this otter campaign the paper the has launched. Ya, an otter got out of his enclosure at the zoo a few weeks ago.  Sure I hope they find the otter alive but this shit drives me fucking batty after the first week er so, now they have posters.  I guess they are getting the word out there, that is good.

I guess it's another case of sour grapes over all the animal portraits that have graced our front pages in the  last month or so.  Yes I love animals and they are "feel good" stories but there's nothing like beating a dead horse. Get the pun.  This is a newspaper, emphasis on news. Ok I'll go home and take my meds.  Carol

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