Thursday, April 1, 2010

Survivor Thursday

Well I still got the lazys but I managed to get out of bed and drag myself to work and show a little ambition.  A little.

This I shot for "The Best Of the Springs, this sassy cool-cat won "best barber".  The fact of the matter is she has her own beer chiller and 36 inch flat screen in her "man cave"station.  No wonder she won.  Hey I might start having her do my hair.

Anyway after meeting her I was energized, so I went to wacky Manitou and found this bagpiper walking around playing for tips.

He said he's only been playing a year and knows 10 songs already. Nothing worse that a fledgling bagpiper, except any bagpiper when you have a hangover.  The Manitou police told him he couldn't have a tip jar out.  Hard assess.  He reminded me of Dwight of The Office.

These gum machines caught my eye at the Arcade.  Sweet.  Literally.

Tonight is Survivor night and I'm going over to Cyn's.  I am looking forward to venturing out of the house and having a few drinks with the neighborhood gang. I'll report back .  C.

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