Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pictureless Wednesday

Got an extra twenty minutes?  Didn't think so.  Either did I, but it didn't keep me from watching this entire video yesterday and I'm glad I did.

Plastic bag is a very insightful video by FutureStates, but I'll shut up about it and let you watch it.  (again click on Plastic bag above to play.)

Yesterday it was about 80 degrees.  I am not kidding, we broke a record.  Not a vinyl record, but that sounds like fun.  Then I decided to go on a walk in the Garden of Gods after a very uneventful day of work.  That's when the wind gusted up to forty or fifty MPH.  That was pleasant. Now I know how Dorothy felt.

I have been the biggest  droopy-eyed sausage couch whore lately.  Click here for your funny mean name, best aimed at some unlikable  co-worker and not for yourself, but to be honest I have been so lazy since I got home from the Denver weekend. I deserve whatever is hurled at me, even if its from me.  I am so unmotivated. help.

Answer me this.  What to fuck is wrong with some kids today?  I am talking about those twats in Mass.  that taunted that girl so bad she hung herself rather than take anymore of their meanness.  I wonder what it takes to  raise brats like that.

Well I gotta get practicing my finger-picking, yeah, on my guitar wiseass.  Like I said, I've been a dull person lately and predictable and lazy.  Cheerio.

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